Monday, September 7, 2009

"Tam Long Pak Boon!".....

This manner of getting up on Pak Boon's back is cool .... I did not do this often, however, this one time when I did ... it was caught on video! Just prior to this filming, Mahout Joe counseled me to move Pak Boon into a grassy area .... just in case!

"Tam Long" is the command, when standing directly in front of the elephant, for the elephant to drop its head and extend its trunk so the mahout can put his foot on the trunk. With the foot on the trunk, the elephant hoists the mahout up over its head and places him on the elephant's head! In my case this meant I was then sitting back wards ... so turning around, while seated on the top of an elephant, was quite a feat all in and of itself for me!

Pak Boon Helps Mahout T

"Song Pak Boon... Song"

And with that command, Pak Boon raised her front leg to help Mahout T climb up onto her back.