Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bali Funeral Process & Cremation

Men with a container of burning incense .... ready for the procession to begin.

Musicians waiting for the procession to begin.

Individual women carry on their heads, items to be used in the sacred rites at the cremation site.

Musicians in the funeral procession.

The brightly colored hand made float carrying the remains of the five deseased family members, begins it final procession to the cremation site.

The float carrying the remains of the deceased approaches an intersection, where the men carrying the float will run around the intersection, in an effort to confuse the spirits of the deceased.

As the crowd watched, the float was twirled round and round and round at the intersection.

Individual cremation sites were built, using the trunks of green palm trees.

Sacred burial rites performed on the deceased remains as the Hindu priest rings a bell.

Hindu priest performing special rites prior to the cremation.

View of the float, hand carried by men to the cremation site.

Women assist the Hindu priest with the rituals prior to lighting the cremation fires.

Close up view of the inside of the casket, after the remains of one of the deceased was place in it in preparation for the cremation fires to be lite.

The fires are lite and the cremation of the remains begins.

The cremation fires burn, releasing the deceased individuals' spirits to leave their body for the last time.

As the cremation fires burn, the dancers performed an elaborate slow motion dance, showing the deceased spirits the way to paradise.

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