Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is Bali.... too!

The food in Bali is delicious!

A plate of rice forms the base, then one can add any number of other items, vegetables, tofu, chicken ... the list goes on....

Each day the menu changes, the combination of items to be added are new, and each day more delicious than the previous!

A local Indonesian restaurant ... in the window, bowls of all the various items one can add to the basic plate of rice and sauce.

Bali is famous for its terraced rice fields. The work of these rice farmers is truly a work of art.

The rice fields are outstanding.

The Indian Ocean here is.... well... you can see for yourself!

I've put my toes in the water..... not sure I'm ready for a surf board just yet!

A short walk from my hotel is Bali's "Ground Zero."

The Memorial to those who were killed in the nightclub bombing in 2002.

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