Monday, May 25, 2009

Part II: Tales of a traveling rodent

For one whole day the little rodent roamed in a new wheel
Even though a tourist wheel .... at least it was "doing" something!
As it...

Feasted at the volcano's feet.

Was entertained by brightly colored masks.

Shopped for jewelry, batiks and wood carvings.

Chatted with sacred monkeys.

Witnessed fire walking.

But when the small journey was over
The little rodent again felt lost...
Without a wheel.
It continued to think about its wheel.
And the purpose the wheel gave it.

The island's high heat and overpowering humidity
Bore down on the little rodent
As it lost all ambition.

Until ..... one day
As it sat on the beach,
Its tiny black eyes
Spotted moving specks on the sea!
"Why haven't I seen them before?" queried the little rodent.
This phenomenon is exciting and something to learn about.
"I've spotted a whole new world!" exclaimed the little rodent.
I've found my new cage!"

Before long, the little rodent
Became quite content to just sit
And watch the specks as they
Darted in, out, over and under the waves!

With a sense of enlightenment
The little rodent realized
"I've found my new wheel too!"
No more running, running, running....
Just sit, stare and enjoy the surf show!

"Maybe ... one day" thought the little rodent
"I too can be a surf dude! And catch the big one!"

Soon however, the little rodent's
Old work ethic kicked into gear.
"A water wheel?" it questioned.
"What's up with a water wheel?"
"How productive is a wheel that surfs the water.... dude?"

Rethinking its plan
The little rodent thought
"I can't swim!"

"Where's the purpose in a water wheel,
If I don't even like water!"

A new wheel of fortune down the drain... the little rodent decided.
But not for long ...

"Why not do what I most enjoy?" the little rodent shouted with joy!

"Surely there are special rodents on this island I can help!"

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