Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tanah Lot Temple at Sunset

The sacred Hindu temple of Tanah Lot ..... located on the sea in Tabanan.

Tanah Lot Temple at sunset.

In the 15th century, a priest named Nirartha while traveling along the coast of Bali came across a beautiful rock formation in the sea. He asked the fishermen who offered him gifts, to build a shine on the rock. Nirartha believed this to be a holy place of worship to the Balinese sea gods.

The belief is that poisonous sea snakes live at the base of the rock formation, guarding the temple from evil spirits and intruders. In addition, a giant snake, created out of the scarf of Nirartha, also protects this sacred temple.

Offerings are made at the temple on the mainland, close to the sacred Tanah Lot Temple.

And extension of the large Hindu Tanah Lot Temple located on a massive rock jutting out into the sea.

Come to a sacred Hindu temple and..... well, play with a giant snake!

Mystical characters, from an ancient era....

Tanah Lot Temple .... faces and mystical beings roam the grounds!

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