Monday, May 25, 2009

Part I: Tales of a traveling rodent

"My wheel is gone! My wheel is gone!"
Cried the furry little rodent.

Rubbing the sleep from its black beady eyes
The bewildered little rodent looked around and cried even louder
"My cage is gone too! My cage is gone too!"
But no one heard the cry of the lost little rodent.
No one other than the perplexed little rodent itself.

For days, weeks, even months
This hard working, conscientious little rodent
Happily ran in a wheel.

That was its job, to run in a wheel.
Every day running, running, running
Strangely enough, reflected the little rodent,
All that running and yet...
I never really go anywhere.

Now on a tropical paradise
Thousands of miles from home
With no wheel and no cage....
The little rodent raced daily to the sea
Sat on the sand and pondered..
"Is there purpose without a wheel?"
"Is there happiness outside the cage?"

The tropical sun rose.
the tropical sun set.
Many times.
The little rodent gazed out at the sea,
And thought about the wheel.

The little rodent's cries of
"What shall I do without a wheel?"
Went unanswered...
Lost to the gentle island breeze.

"I must find a wheel!" Shouted the little rodent.
"I must do something!"

So the little rodent went on a short journey.
A small journey to feel like it was "doing" something.
"I can not just sit!" Mused the little rodent.
"I must do something!"

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Frank Knutson said...

OK! Now your becoming a poet. Not bad. You should do more of this and think about writing children's stories. You could do it.