Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alphabet Ball Bouncing!

My name is "Alice" and I come from "Australia" where I sell "Apples!" And so the Alphabet Ball Bouncing game began!

The idea of the game was as the teen bounced the ball, they had to say out loud the following phrase "My name is ____________, and I come from ______________, where I sell __________________!"

I began the game with the letter "A" from the alphabet. When I bounced the ball to one of the teens, they then had to say the same phrase, now using the letter "B."

Each subsequent player had to say the phrase using the next letter in the alphabet!

The teens loved this game and helped each other out, when they got stuck! The letters "X" and "Y" were really tough ones!

The teens made it ..... from "A" all the way to "Z" with lots of bouncing laughter!

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