Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Conversaton on buying and eating fruit...

Working with these SOS teens, I'm finding that everything we do together, turns into one of those "teachable" moments.

Today when the lady selling fruit walked by the SOS teen girl's house, and the teens all rushed to the front gate .... I knew it was time to buy everyone some fruit and to talk!

The fresh ripe produce, all nicely cut into individual pieces, wrapped in little plastic bags .... all neatly balanced on the top of the lady's head.

So each of the teens got a chance to buy the fruit or veggies or breakfast drink or boiled peanuts .... whatever the lady was selling .... and of course, to talk to me about what they wanted to eat.

Then came the best part ..... eating the delicious food! Well ... except for the little pancake with the green chili which the girls swore to me was not hot .... well, it was! Very hot!

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