Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meditation at SOS Teen House

What to do? Sunday I'd planned on being a tourist and visiting the "Mother Temple" .. the largest and most beautiful Hindu Temple in Bali .... but then I was invited to Denpasar, to the SOS Teen House for meditation....

I chose to spend time with the SOS teens .... and what a rewarding experience that turned out to be!

Session began with the girls reciting a Hindu prayer...

Group meditation....

Alit, a case worker with SOS Village, talked with the girls about the concept of our mind, how the mind works and the whole idea of our "perceptions" of people and things.

Alit has studied a Balinese form of yoga with his teacher in Tabanan. I was very lucky, for Alit demonstrated this form of Yoga for me. Alit noted that this form of Yoga combines not only Yoga but also Tai Chi, Kung Fu, as well as other types of martial arts. Even the Chinese now come to Bali to learn this beautiful art form.

I sat spell bound as Alit went through the motions. Now 34, he has been studying this form of Yoga since he was 7 years old. He begins his Yoga two hour practice before the sun rises, again during the day if he finds time .... then again 5 to 6 hours late at night going into the early morning.... He practices 7 to 8 hours a day!

Alit wants to learn English .... so we agreed, next year, he will teach me this beautiful form of Yoga, and I'll teach him English. Alit already decided which form he will teach me first..... "The White Swan" which at one point will have me standing straight up, then slowly bending backwards with my hands on my waist, until my head nearly touches the ground behind me! Yikes! Will I ever be limber!

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