Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teens teach Mr. T about Hinduism

My knowledge of Hinduism is next to nil! In Bali Hinduism is the predominant religion, so today I decided a discussion on the spiritual beliefs of the SOS teen students would be an excellent way for them to practice their English .... and for me to learn about Hinduism!

What better place to begin than with Ganesha, the elephant.

According to my students, Ganesha was sent by God to save the world from a giant. In the battle, where the giant was killed, Ganesha picked the planet up and held it in is huge tusks. Thus Ganesha is honored for being the protector of all people.

Maria then demonstrated for me ..... what an elephant looks like and how it walks!

Hanuman.... the monkey who saved the wife of Rama from the giant .... the teens acting out the monkey had me laughing so hard, I just was not quick enough to snap a picture!

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