Saturday, June 27, 2009

Teaching English near Maetaman Elephant Camp

My primary objective when I teach English in the schools .... is to get the students speaking English! So I use songs, games, and lots of silliness on my part, to encourage the students to use their English!

"My favorite food is........." This activity definitely gets students speaking English, while their classmates listen intensely!

Initial assessment of students' English language skills.... "What is your name?" "How old are you?"

Call out a math problem such as "5 plus 7" and throw the ball to a classmate. They then give the answer and then call out a new math problem before throwing the ball!

"This is the way we comb our hair... comb our hair ...comb our hair." The students laughed when I combed my bald head!

"Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake......"

Modeling the hand movements for "Pat-a-cake" with Carmel, a volunteer from North Carolina, also working at Maetaman Elephant Camp.

Demonstrating "Pat-a-cake" movements with a student...

"Left hand up!" "Left hand down!" "Right hand up!" ... helping students to "hear" English.

"What color is this?"

Keeping English lessons fun and engaging!

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jny said...

Now that is what I call student engagement.