Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun Conversations at SOS Teen House

"Mama YaYa," her 12th grade girls, and Mr. T.... These 12th graders will be moving out of the SOS teen girl's house in Denpasar in July so they can continue their education at the university.

I brought along a few bags with the cut out alphabet which turned into a great manipulative to use with these teens.

With the letters all laid out on the floor, I gave each teen a long word, such as Denpasar or California. They were then to first spell this word using the cut out letters. Then... they were to build as many words off this one word as they could.

To build their words, I gave the teens about ten minutes. Then the real fun began with this exercise.

Such a serious ... at this point these students did not know what I was going to ask them to do!

After they had built as many words onto the root word in that 10 minute period...

I then asked them to tell a story, in English of course! But it was I who gave them a character around which to base their story!

The first go around, for one teen their character was an elephant, another a monkey and yet another a snake!

As the story was being told, one of the teens was asked to face away from the group and only listen to story. Once the story was finished, the teen with their back to the group had to retell it!

The retelling was based totally on auditory recall... and these young ladies did terrific jobs!

YaYa became the "Mother" of this SOS teen girl's house in Denpasar about a month ago. Looking at her face, as well as the faces of the girls ... this is a perfect arrangement!

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