Thursday, June 4, 2009

Early Morning Bali Routine

Wake Up! Time to jump out of bed and greet the day!

All those surfers must still be asleep as I leave my hotel for the beach!

Observe the morning offerings being made along my way to the ocean.

Take time to stop and smell the water lily...

Stop every once in a while, and chat with the local spirits, to find out what happened throughout the night ....

Early morning .... the beach is quiet, as the chairs await their occupants.

Take off my sandals and touch the cool wet sand .... as I walk along the beach.

With the early morning sun rising over my shoulder .... the first signs of day show over the Indian Ocean.

The sun rises to meet the cresting waves..

Take time out for a relaxing cup of Balinese coffee on the way back to my hotel....

Breakfast! Tea ... had enough caffeine already! Fruit salad and a grilled banana sandwich.

Gotta get going! Class starts in Denpansar soon! And the teens are always so, so punctual!

Time to have some fun teaching the SOS teens in Denpasar some English! Whether it be math, reading the newspaper, buying fruit, or any other subject that involves them speaking with me in English .... we have a fun few hours together!

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