Saturday, June 27, 2009

The elegant, enlightening Asian elephant!

Oh how gracefully they walk!
Like some elderly Grand Dame
Making a magnificent stage entrance!
Quietly, non pretentious...
No need for any ego induced fanfare
Their sheer size makes their presence known...

Tons of muscle and bone
Wrapped in a ten to twelve foot high package
Of wrinkled grey....
A massive body that moves so quietly, so softly.
Movements that flow ever so smoothly
To an ancient rhythm of Mother Earth.
Yet leaving little or no trace.

Ten feet above, seemingly sleeply brown eyes
Peer out of a massive, life scarred skull.
Limited in earthly sight, their vision is eternal.
Non-judgemental eyes ...
Filled with lifetimes of compassion and understanding
Look directly and deeply into one's very soul.

Humbling as well as exhilarating
The experience of sharing time and space ...
With such wise, powerful and elegant mammals.
The enlightening Asian Elephant!

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